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Toner Express, the most reliable and economical way for all your office needs

About Toner Express

Toner Express was founded in 1998. For over 20 years, we have specialized in helping companies achieve higher productivity and efficiency with our services.

Typically, a company will accrue a slew of different models of multifunctional copiers and printers that are acquired over a lifetime of expansion. Some are purchased when the business is small. Some are transferred from other businesses after a takeover or merger. Over the course of these years, a company ends up with a variety of different brands and models of office equipment.

The equipment is costly to replace and expensive to run. When a machine gets replaced, it makes the supplies for this machine obsolete. As a result, a small fortune is lost every year in supplies that go unused.

By researching your needs, we can streamline all of your printers to one or two models. That way, one toner will fit all your printers and multifunctional copiers.

With our rental service, you no longer need to worry about left-over toner. Supply rooms become easy to manage and low-waste

Toner Express can also provide up-to-date software to track every machine. Alternatively, employees can be provided with access cards to track usage.

Toner Express is an authorized HP, Lexmark, Canon , Xerox and Brother distributor. We provide computers, toner and various office supplies. You can visit us at www.iteminfo.ca for a full product list.

With a virtually unlimited product inventory, we ship from our warehouses in Calgary, AB. Edmonton, AB. Richmond, BC. Toronto, ON and Halifax, NS. You will usually receive your order within 24 hours.

Toner Express leaves a small environmental footprint. Let’s work together to save our planet. Most companies decommission equipment based on their lease terms instead of their usability. With the right equipment, proper servicing and replacement parts, a multifunctional copier can provide years of reliable service in the field. Our system cuts down on your operation costs and reduces landfill waste, ensuring that your company is environmentally friendly.